World Water Day

On March 22nd, you can celebrate World Water Day by helping EcoLogic plant 65,000 seedlings in the western highlands of Guatemala.

Recognizing the need to protect water resources, EcoLogic is working in partnership with a Quiché Association of 48 Cantons (the Association), to reforest degraded areas and protect a vital watershed. The Association uses traditional forest stewardship methods to conserve precious natural resources, safeguarding freshwater springs and life-sustaining water supplies.

And now is the perfect time to give. A generous donor has agreed to match dollar-for-dollar every donation received through Karma411. We are halfway there—but we have less than two weeks left to raise $2,500. You can double the impact of your charitable donation, but time is running out: this matching offer ends Tuesday, March 31st!

EcoLogic has helped over 700 communities in difficult circumstances find the tools they need to overcome obstacles and to create long-lasting benefits for themselves and future generations.

Thank you for your support of EcoLogic and our work to provide assistance to those struggling to improve their well-being. Give today and together we can create a better future for people and nature.

Visit our World Water Day website where you can learn more about the global water crisis and take action with simple things you can do that will save water – and save you significant money too! Plus, sign the World Water Day Pledge to demonstrate your commitment to this crucial issue.



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