San Francisco: Rainwater Harvesting Initiative Launched!


In an effort to further conserve San Francisco’s drinking water supplies and to help divert stormwater runoff from the City’s sewer system, San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean, Mayor Gavin Newsom recently launched a citywide initiative promoting rainwater harvesting –- the collection and re-use of rainwater for non-drinking purposes like outdoor irrigation and indoor toilet use.

While supplies last, you can purchase a fully-outfitted, 60-gallon rain barrel at a steeply discounted price, compliments of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission’s (SFPUC) Wastewater Enterprise. The SFPUC, Department of Public Health, and Department of Building Inspection have partnered to encourage the safe use of rainwater for irrigation and toilet flushing without requiring special treatment. Systems designed to collect and treat rainwater for any potable uses will be inspected and permitted on a case-by-case basis. Visit the Rainwater Harvesting Initiative website for more information.



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