Day: May 12, 2009

Researchers Eye Better Use For Biomass Than Ethanol

Using switchgrass and other biomass to power electric cars is three times more efficient and more environmentally friendly than using ethanol to power traditional gasoline cars, US scientists have found.
Electric vehicles using biomass converted into electricity travelled 81 percent farther per acre of cropland than vehicles with internal combustion engines running on cellulosic ethanol, researchers in California found.

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W.R. Grace Acquitted In Asbestos Case, Shares Leap

A federal jury in Montana acquitted chemical company W.R. Grace & Co and three of its executives on Friday on all counts in a major asbestos environmental case, sending its stock up 36 percent.
The case, which a lawyer called one of the most significant criminal environmental cases in US history, was brought by the Justice Department against the company and its executives for knowingly endangering the lives of mine workers and other residents of Libby, Montana, and ignoring warnings by state agencies.

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