Day: May 20, 2009

Tulane Commencement Address

Ellen Degeneres’s commencement address

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The English Schindler

He did something memorable in the last months of peace in 1939, when the Nazis were dismembering Czechoslovakia and it was clear that soon they’d begin persecutions. Winton was then aged 29, and a stock-broker’s clerk, not someone special but a person as ordinary as any other. He went to Prague, set up an office there, and organised eight trains that brought Jewish children to London. These children needed sponsors, papers, and funding, all of which Winton arranged. The ninth train was due to leave on September 3, the day war was declared, and therefore it was cancelled. The 250 children who would have been on that train were soon murdered.

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Celebrating the Aging Process

A couple, both artists, take a penetrating look at aging through a series of projects that confront their fear and curiosity about growing old. They explore physical changes, sensuality and relationships, aging parents, spirituality and death. Drawing on their personal experiences and the wisdom of older mentors, they conclude that their elder years can be a time of ripening and harvest rather than stagnation and despair. The profusely illustrated book contains a wealth of inspiration, especially for those about to enter old age.

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Key to the City

Tweet Spread the wealth…end poverty now. Adam Zyglis, The Buffalo News Tweet

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