What a world we live in

…just finished reading some of the news. The back page of the local paper is full of Trustee Sale notices, i.e. bank sales due to foreclosure. An airplane flying over the ocean disappeared with 228 people on it, debris is just now being found. Over the weekend an abortion doctor was shot point blank as he handed out bulletins at his church. A 13-year old boy was punched in the head while riding his bike, and he died right there.

Imagine the emptiness, the rage one can feel in the face of these tragedies. Imagine knowing that your 13-year old son is dead, that you’ll never see him again, that you’ll never ever hear his voice again. Imagine hearing a gunshot and finding out that it was your husband who had fallen victim to a crazy person’s anger. Imagine waiting at the airport and seeing a message run across the tele-prompter, or hearing an announcement about the flight you’re awaiting, that there’s been an accident.

And the world rushes on. There’s little time to pause and grieve. If you do, everyone urges you to “move on.” If you continue to pause, to linger, trying to grasp remnants of that life that was so close to you, to your breath, to your body, to your heart…if you continue to linger, to fail to “move on,” then someone will tell you ,”maybe you need some help…maybe you should seek out counseling.”

Where is the compassion? Where is the world rushing to?

I am so grateful to be alive and healthy today.

I am grateful for my mind, my body, my health.

I am grateful for the love of my partner, and from our cats, my friends.

Blessed be.


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