Day: July 24, 2009

Creativity through collaboration

iPhone is different. “There is something about it that doesn’t make people feel tethered to a desk, yet they’re connected 24/7” Meis says. “And that connection for me is a huge advantage, because it allows me to leverage myself far beyond what I can do. Now I have 20 people working and not feeling like they’re toiling. And I get instant access to all that talent.”

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Smart Tech Could Save Billions Of Litres Of Water

Americans can save some of the 225 billion gallons of water (852 billion liters) wasted each year through over-watering by installing smart systems which deliver just the right amount of moisture. Homeowners and companies over-water their grass and plants by between 30 and 300 percent, said Chris Spain, chief sustainability officer at water management company HydroPoint, citing a report by the American Water Works Association.

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Steven Chu on the Daily show

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Now, that’s serious recycling

A man pulls a cart loaded with recyclable materials amid heavy rain in Nanjing, Jiangsu province July 22, 2009

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