Day: July 29, 2009

Offshore Wind Could Be Next Wave For U.S.

The United States has experienced a surge in investment in wind power over the past four years, more than tripling its ability to turn wind into electricity. But construction has been entirely on land and largely in America’s rural midsection— leaving open the costly challenge of how to transmit power to the densely populated coasts where it is most needed. That could be changing. Developers have proposed wind farms off Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Delaware and New Jersey to meet the electricity needs of the East Coast.

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To Green The Data Center, IT Has To Feel Some Pain

If IT departments paid their own electric bills, you’d see electric monitoring systems being put into place quickly. If they had to deal with rate hikes, you’d see electric use go down. And if they were allowed to keep a sizable portion of their savings on electricity, and apply that to other IT projects, you’d see massive power savings in the data center.

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We’re making progress. After all, we just elected a president who’s more likely to get pulled over by the cops.

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