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It’s almost time to shut this time sucker down and go do some real paper reading…in bed!

This is on the path to Bass Lake in Point Reyes. The lake is clear, clean, and colddddd! [Photo, JB]

I got a wonderful massage last night and so fell right to sleep afterward. I woke up early but took my time getting started. I was just about to blog when my calendar alarm reminded me that I had a meeting in an hour! Which I had totally forgotten about! Which meant that I had to rush around and get ready! But, it was all OK in the end. I got there early, and the meeting was easy-going.

I got back to my office and then was pulled into service helping my partner get some applications out the door. So there went my afternoon! (Sigh)

Anyway, I made some yummy humus for a snack and had that with lots of garlic! Yum! I spent some time doing work this evening, but now I’m ready to call it quits for the day.

It was a glorious day, balmy and sunny. Traffic was great, I wizzed to and from my appointment and then got to stay home the rest of the day. Made some phone calls, took care of bizness, fed and played with the cats, and I’m about to finish reading “Trust Agents,” by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith.

Life is beautiful.

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