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Happy, Happy Everybody


This weekend is Thanksgiving weekend…today is “Black Friday.” Why is it called that? Anybody know?

I’ve been making more clear space in my office (which I share with my bedroom). I moved my desk under the loft and so will get rid of two big tables that I used before. I am happy with the new arrangement and my space looks and feels much lighter already. More plants! More space! More quiet room!

But…I have so much STUFF! Lots of books! I’m going to have to wed them again, which I hate doing. I said a few years ago that I would stop buying books. But I STILL do! I LOVE books. I love my iPhone too, but I love books! And some magazines (This Old House, Yoga Journal, Ms, National Geographic…)

Anyway. I just read a great post on Care2…I posted it here for you to read too. About a cat-astrophe. Don’t worry, it ends well.

Boca Grande in one of his favorite spots…one of the few times he’s quiet. [Photo: JB]

I am so lucky to live in my house, in Oakland, California, with my cats, with my partner, with our garden. Today the sun is shining! It’s November 27th! Isn’t that amazing! I am truly blessed.

So, back to work! Catch ‘ya later!

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