Month: February 2010

As of 1994, the European Union requires manufacturing companies to take back and recycle at least 60 percent of their packaging waste, including that used for food items, thus taking the burden off of the consumer and local communities. No such incentive for reducing packaging exists for manufacturers in the U.S. or Canada.

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A toddler, lost overnight in the woods, with only a t-shirt to protect her from 30-degree weather, isn’t the kind of story that usually ends well. But it did for three-year-old Victoria. Thanks to her Queensland heeler named Blue.

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Castro’s favorite historical figures are John and Abigail Adams, who corresponded lovingly with one another.
“I don’t know if Abigail would have felt the same way if it were in printing,” said Castro, who discusses the importance of language with his students, “but I do feel like tweets wouldn’t have been enough.”

But writing is, literally, such a pain, students said. “For a final I had to write for half an hour,” Los Altos High freshman David Survilo said. “My hand got tired after 20 minutes.”

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For many people, the subscriptions and services for entertainment and communications, which are more often now one and the same, have become indispensable necessities of life, on par with electricity, water and groceries. And for every new device, there seems to be yet another fee. Buyers of the more advanced Apple iPad, to cite the latest example, can buy unlimited data access for $30 a month from AT&T even if they already have a data plan from the carrier.

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