Month: April 2010

Tweet By Planet Green We produce a lot of waste. In 2008 alone, Americans generated 250 million tons of trash, and though about a third of that was recycled, a lot went into landfills or was incinerated. Our culture is …

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The moral character of a woman, though it be of the lowest, does not alter the sacrilegious character of an indecent assault upon her person. ~Josephine Butler

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Whether or not Juana was insane, and to what degree, has puzzled historians for centuries. There is no question that she and Philip had a bizarre, obsessive relationship that was insane in itself.

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The siege of her castle began on June 23, 1643. As many as six hundred men bombarded the castle from a nearby church, preventing a counterattack. Lady Bankes organized raids for food, one of which resulted in the theft of eight cows and a bull; she herself, “to her eternal honor be it spoken,” defended the upper ward of the castle with her maids and her daughters hurling stones and hot embers on the attackers, who “ran away crying.”

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