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Growing acceptance of difference


It seems we’re slowly (very slowly) coming back around to becoming a more accepting society. Gender differences were easily accepted in matrilineal and indigenous societies. Now, as our prejudices lose their strictness…because so many of our friends and family members are “coming out” of the closets of their own, the general public (always an uneasy generalization, I know) seems to be more accepting of the queer among us.

Here’s an article about a popular Canadian TV show:

    Hit Canadian show Degrassi continues its reputation for challenging and inclusive storylines in its 10th season by tackling the introduction of a transfer student called Adam, a trans teen hoping for a new start.

    Played by 15-year-old Jordan Todosey, the actress summarizes her character’s trans identity concisely, “[Adam] was born physically as a girl but between the ears, he feels like he’s a guy.”

    Introduced at the beginning of the season, Adam’s storyline came to a head this week. The storyline has been widely praised, with many of the show’s fans taking to Facebook to show support for Adam as a character.

Viva la difference! Read the entire article here…

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