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Today I received two pieces of mail offering me exclusive entry into a book club and a DVD club. IF I don’t want to join, ALL I have to do is CALL a special 800 number and say so.

What is it with these unwanted, unasked for pieces of junk mail?! I don’t want to have to call to opt out of something I didn’t ask for in the first place! I don’t want to have to send a book…or an opt-out form…or whatever, back, at my expense. Don’t send me the junk in the first place!

Think of the energy it takes to produce the junk, then to mail the junk, then for the post office to sort the junk, and the mail carrier to deliver the junk and then for me to send it back, or throw it in the recycling bin! What a waste!

Really, thank you for thinking of me, but, keep your junk to yourself.

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