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Kill cap and trade…promote the heck out of clean energy


from Grist’s Randy Rieland

…Now a bipartisan team—imagine that—of think tanks say we should keep it dead and instead spend a lot more money on renewable energy technologies.

All we are saying … is give clean a chance: The proposal from the right-leaning American Enterprise Institute and the liberal Brookings Institution and Breakthrough Institute concludes that the only way forward on climate is to go all in on renewable energy. They’re recommending a yearly $25 billion investment in clean technology research by the Energy Department—a position their report presents as middle ground:

    The choice is not, as liberals often maintain, between global warming apocalypse or mandating the widespread adoption of today’s solar, wind, and electric car technologies. Nor is the choice, as conservatives have argued, between an economy wrecked by liberal global warming policies or expanding drilling and nuclear power.

The think-tankers also push the idea of a new generation of small nuclear reactors and favor ending federal government subsidies for any forms of energy that don’t improve efficiency. [Politico]

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