Month: February 2011

Stronger Muscles, Stronger Brains

More importantly, older women who built muscle strength through biceps curls, leg lifts, squats and the like showed much greater improvement in mental focus and ability to make decisions and resolve conflicts than women who did only balance and toning exercises.

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Strength Training Does More Than Bulk Up Muscles

“Muscle is our largest metabolically active organ, and that’s the backdrop that people usually forget,” said Kent Adams, director of the exercise physiology lab at Cal State Monterey Bay. Strengthening the muscles “has a ripple effect throughout the body on things like metabolic syndrome and obesity.”

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Out of Africa: Saharan Solar Energy

Vast solar fields in the Sahara might become the biggest sustainable energy source the world has ever seen, powering whole continents.

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Building a Champion Solar Home

Students at Cornell University build a house completely powered by the sun to compete in the annual Solar Decathlon in Washington

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