Month: May 2011

Women in Business (infographic)

Sadly, there is still a long road ahead for women. Female CEO executives are compensated far less than their male counterparts. Some studies attribute it to leaving the work force several times to take care of children, some studies claim women are not as aggressive as men, and some studies cannot pinpoint any reasons for discrepancies in salaries.

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Visualizing our Interface

Artist Aaron Koblin takes vast amounts of data—and at times vast numbers of people—and weaves them into stunning visualizations. From elegant lines tracing airline flights to landscapes of cell phone data, from a Johnny Cash video assembled from crowd-sourced drawings to the “Wilderness Downtown” video that customizes for the user, his works brilliantly explore how modern technology can make us more human.

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California dreaming of L.A. without cars [video]

What would happen if the thirty-six percent of downtown Los Angeles currently taken up by parking lots and spaces could be converted to other uses?

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The Other Side of the Wall

There’s a lot at stake. Legislation recently introduced in Congress by Arizona Republican Sens. John McCain and Jon Kyl and Utah Rep. Rob Bishop (R) would force the suspension of 31 environmental laws for border enforcement activities within 100 miles of the border—some of the most sensitive and valuable lands in the nation, including several wilderness areas, and would allow even more border-wall construction.

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