Month: December 2012

Girl Rising: Educate Girls, Change the World

Tweet Our partner 10×10 will release their feature-length documentary, “Girl Rising,” to theaters in 2013. This captivating story about the power of education to change the world will feature a story from CARE. Tweet

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What Could Have Been: The Most Important Bills Blocked by Republicans in 2012

The bills we could have passed if it wasn’t for GOP obstructionism—from a minimum wage increase to the Buffett Rule.

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The Brave Teachers Who Lost Their Lives at Sandy Hook Offer a Stark Contrast to the Assault on Their Profession

But long before the Sandy Hook tragedy, many Americans already knew that a good teacher could, if not save, then change and inspire lives for the better. Many luminaries from humble beginning continue to cite teachers as the main reason of their successes.

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2013 as Year Zero: For Earth and For Us

Think of 2013 as the Year Zero in the battle over climate change, one in which we are going to have to win big, or lose bigger. This is a terrible thing to say, but not as terrible as the reality that you can see in footage of glaciers vanishing, images of the entire surface of the Greenland Ice Shield melting this summer, maps of Europe’s future in which just being in southern Europe when the heat hits will be catastrophic, let alone in more equatorial realms.

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