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Apple Will Make Macs in the USA

For years Apple has manufactured most of its products in Asia. Whether the shift to domestic production is a blip or the start of a trend remains to be seen. Rising labor costs in China have been making U.S. manufacturing more attractive in general in recent years.

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Apple Applies For a Patent To Control Unauthorized Use of iPhones

Apple seems determined to maintain control of its products. One popular use of jailbreaking is to make iPhones and iPads compatible with carriers other than AT&T.

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Snow Leopard Takes a Page From the App Store Playbook

It’s a little counter-intuitive, but this principle has paid off beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. The numbers are staggering: as you’ve probably heard, iPhone/iPod Touch fans downloaded 1 billion apps within 9 months. Some iPhone programmers have become millionaires within months…yes, selling $1 software…because of this crazy math. $20 may sound like more than $1, but not when 1,000 times more people buy at $1.

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