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50 Is the New 65: Older Americans Are Getting Booted from Their Jobs—and Denied New Opportunities

In the end, we want an economy that allows everyone to work who is able to do so, and provides a robust social safety net for those who can’t. Our current system is unsustainable, and age discrimination, which strikes even those who are still in their prime, is quickly becoming an economic, social and public health disaster for the 21st century.

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Apple Applies For a Patent To Control Unauthorized Use of iPhones

Apple seems determined to maintain control of its products. One popular use of jailbreaking is to make iPhones and iPads compatible with carriers other than AT&T.

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Google’s Free Phone Manager Could Threaten a Variety of Services

Google Voice is an expanded version of a service previously known as GrandCentral, a start-up that Google acquired 20 months ago. It is intended to simplify the way people handle phone calls, voice mail and text messages. The service will initially be made available only to existing GrandCentral subscribers; Google says the general public will be able to use it in the coming weeks.

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Cell phone contracts made easier to understand

Using a comparison site like BillShrink helps consumers “break down those barriers,” Santel said. “It’s a real equalizer. I’ll be switching over to AT&T and getting an iPhone. (BillShrink) recommended a plan with all the features that I currently get with my Blackberry.”
BillShrink is a free service for consumers. It makes money when Web site visitors activate a new account with a different carrier.
Consumers don’t always have to wait until their contract is up to find a better deal to avoid a big early termination fee.

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