“We don’t want to be the progenitors of gentrification,” says Nanden, whose firm recently completed construction on its new green office building, located in Brooklyn’s transitioning Bushwick neighborhood. Rather, she and her partners want to design eco-friendly buildings and spaces that are as likely to house people on welfare as they are to house upper middle class professionals.

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All three desktop models unveiled Tuesday exceed current Energy Star 4.0 requirements, adopting the Energy Star 5.0 requirements that go into effect later this year. Their enclosures are all made out recycled aluminum, while their internal components are free of PVC and brominated flame retardants. In the case of the new Mac mini, the updated desktop uses less than 13 watts of power—10 times less than a typical desktop PC, according to Apple, which is touting the mini as the most energy-efficient desktop in the world.

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