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The move is good. I feel good about it, and know that I have overstayed here. So, let’s see what the next days and weeks hold for me, for us.

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But then, with no warning, I felt a sudden, inexplicable urge to leave. Call it karma, coincidence, sixth sense or ESP, something told me to leave immediately. GO HOME. NOW! Unable to define the eerie sensation, but powerless to ignore it, I literally dragged Amanda to the car and sped toward our house, totally disregarding speed limits, barely pausing at red-lit intersections as that vague, but insistent feeling poured through my every fiber.

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She didn’t want to go. She clung to me and was wailing. Now everyone, for sure, was watching our struggle of separation. The man was being very gentle and saying to me that everything would be fine. I wasn’t so sure. Finally Cassie let go and I turned a fled the building. I cried all the way home and for days afterward.

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I believe that the only way we have any chance of overcoming the “evils” of our society; the “them” versus “us” evils; is that we talk with one another. We may not get to the point of agreement, we may not even like one another at the end, but at least we will have taken the opportunity to talk with, listen and hear each other. Facing History provides a great start for that process.

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