Good police work has nothing to do with dressing up in black and breaking into houses in the middle of the night. And the mentality changes when they get put on the SWAT team. I remember a guy I was good friends with, it just completely changed him. The us-versus-them mentality takes over.

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…there are still way too many places in America where streets are for cars, and you take your life into your hands just trying to cross on foot. Changing our streets to bring them back to human scale will take generations. It’s a process, but at least the work has begun in earnest.

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Here are six natural options that mosquitoes hate and you’ll soon love. You don’t have to worry about DEET-induced brain cell damage or scratching yourself to death. And, if you still think that natural means less effective, keep reading. Some of these mosquito repellents are MORE EFFECTIVE THAN DEET!

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