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Vote for Them

You can’t complain if you don’t vote. Speak up.

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The Biggest Assault on Our Democracy Is Coming from the Center of Our Own Government

Millions of Americans will face a basic question in the coming decade: how much loyalty do we owe a U.S. Executive Branch which extracts huge sums from us to spy upon and lie to us, on the false grounds that doing so is protecting us? Or do we owe our moral allegiance to the ideal of democracy, which requires us to fight the Executive which is its enemy?

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Iran’s Women Remain Outspoken Despite Crackdown

Women who took part in street protests that followed the contentious 2009 presidential election were treated brutally by security forces and later by interrogators. A female journalist who was jailed in the postelection crackdown noted that the number of men who ended up in jail may have been much higher, but that women often faced harsher conditions.

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Kyrgyz President Receives U.S. ‘Women Of Courage’ Award

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton praised Otunbaeva’s efforts, saying, “This is a woman who I think can stand as an example to many leaders around the world about what democracy and power should be used for, to help the people that you are supposed to serve.”

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