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This Is What Women Want

What would most women want if they were fully informed and free to choose, and the goal was true equality between the sexes?

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End the War Against Women

Clay Bennett editorial cartoon…sadly still true.

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Nurses Make ‘Profound’ Connection With Family In Iran

“This is a parent’s worse nightmare come true. And every parent just wants to know that their child is – if they are hurt, they’re surrounded by people that care. And they want to be able to say goodbye to their child and they should have that opportunity. So we were bound and determined that we were going to make that possible. And this was a truly loving family, and there were many of them. I actually met many of the family members, and then eventually, it got to the point where we did discuss the organ donation. The moment I looked at this girl’s resume, I knew that she would want to be an organ donor. And her family didn’t hesitate. They said yes right away and truly believed in helping others.”

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Why a Victim of Military Rape and Domestic Violence Is Speaking Out

More than 50 percent of men and women surveyed say they know a survivor of domestic violence, and one in three women reported being victims of domestic abuse; however, 67 percent of Americans have never discussed the issues with family or friends.

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