If, for some reason, you fall for one if these scams, make sure to remove any references to it from your profile and delete any bad app that has attached itself to your Facebook account. Do that by going to the small arrow on the top right of your screen, then Account Settings > Apps. Also, check whether you may have unknowingly “Liked” bogus sites or pages by going to your Timeline and clicking your “Likes” icon at the top of the page. Any Likes you don’t recognize? Unlike them.

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So why use such sites rather than just give your passwords to your executor and outline in your will what should happen with the various accounts? First, you wouldn’t necessarily want sensitive information like passwords in a public will. Also, the sites argue that updating information, and accessing it using their services, is much easier than updating a will.

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With the debate in flux on both sides of the Atlantic, U.S. operators are weighing in in Europe. Mick Corkerry, the European executive director for AT&T, is scheduled to speak at the Brussels hearing Thursday. AT&T is a sponsor of a Brussels policy group called the Center for European Policy Studies, which opposes new net neutrality rules on operators.

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