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50 Is the New 65: Older Americans Are Getting Booted from Their Jobs—and Denied New Opportunities

In the end, we want an economy that allows everyone to work who is able to do so, and provides a robust social safety net for those who can’t. Our current system is unsustainable, and age discrimination, which strikes even those who are still in their prime, is quickly becoming an economic, social and public health disaster for the 21st century.

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German American Solar Team Challenges the USA – Stop Fracking, Start Paneling

…Guerrero also sees the development of solar energy as just one component of an overall green economy along the lines of Van Jones work, and has developed a statewide forum plan to further implement this vision. The plan includes regional surveys with local live event public forums including instant interactive voting from the audience where labor, industry, advocates, activists, investors, and policy makers sit down at the same table to work through each stakeholder’s issues on both the technological, and social economics levels in addition to not only market and correct our economy with the innovation of solar, but the entire cornucopia of what makes a green and equitable economy.

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MiWuLa News TV Dezember 2012: Elbphilharmonie und mehr

Die Dezember-News gibt einen Rückblick auf die Grundsteinlegung unserer Miniatur Elbphilharmonie, einen Ausblick auf neue Knopfdruckaktionen und einen Einblick in den Umbau unseres Dammtor-Bahnhofes.

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Germany’s solar panels produce more power than Japan’s entire Fukushima complex

Regardless, Japan’s facing rolling blackouts until next Winter, and it’s undeniable that if the country had more distributed power generation like Germany’s roof-based solar PV system, the entire country would be much more resilient in the face of catastrophe.

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