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Joni Mitchell’s sweet and subtle music is joined with her sometimes blatent and quirky lyrics.

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This video was produced by the Global Climate and Health Alliance to coincide with their recent briefing report (http://climateandhealthalliance.org/ipcc).

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Practically, this means preparing towns to better survive sudden shortfalls of such necessities as food, oil, water or money. These preparations take many forms, some infrastructural—such as solar energy programs and local economic initiatives—others interpersonal, like the “heart and soul” groups that encourage people to help each other in times of need and open their minds to new solutions.

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If recently announced policies to curb carbon emissions were enacted, under a “new policies scenario,” renewable energy would reach one third of global power generation by 2035, catching up with coal, compared with 19 percent now, requiring $5.7 trillion of cumulative investment, the report found. The use of biofuels would increase four-fold, meeting 8 percent of transport fuel up from 3 percent now. Greenpeace said that the IEA was underestimating the uptake of renewables.

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