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Google Zeitgeist: How We Searched in 2012

Besides the top 10 overall searches, Zeitgeist lists the most popular images, athletes, events, TV shows, people and more. Some of the interesting highlights include Jeremy Lin as the most popular athlete, The Hunger Games as the most searched-for feature film and the iPad 3 (followed by Samsung Galaxy S III) as the most popular item in the category of consumer electronics.

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Managing Online Accounts After Death

So why use such sites rather than just give your passwords to your executor and outline in your will what should happen with the various accounts? First, you wouldn’t necessarily want sensitive information like passwords in a public will. Also, the sites argue that updating information, and accessing it using their services, is much easier than updating a will.

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Europe Takes Up Debate on Universal Internet Access

With the debate in flux on both sides of the Atlantic, U.S. operators are weighing in in Europe. Mick Corkerry, the European executive director for AT&T, is scheduled to speak at the Brussels hearing Thursday. AT&T is a sponsor of a Brussels policy group called the Center for European Policy Studies, which opposes new net neutrality rules on operators.

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Gmail Offers Phone Service Via Web

Google entered a new business beyond Internet search on Wednesday with a service within Gmail to make phone calls over the Web to landlines or cellphones.

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