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MiWuLa News TV Dezember 2012: Elbphilharmonie und mehr

Die Dezember-News gibt einen Rückblick auf die Grundsteinlegung unserer Miniatur Elbphilharmonie, einen Ausblick auf neue Knopfdruckaktionen und einen Einblick in den Umbau unseres Dammtor-Bahnhofes.

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244,000 Germans Opt Out of Google Mapping Service

Google is working with several governments in Europe to settle investigations into the company’s collection of personal data via Wi-Fi routers. Canada on Tuesday also said the company had violated its privacy laws by obtaining personal data from Wi-Fi routers during a Street View sweep. Google said the violation was the result of a “careless error.”
Google has consistently blamed human error for the collection of such data. After initially balking, Google in September gave German data officials a copy of the data it had mistakenly collected there. German data officials say they are evaluating the data Google provided. The company faces both an administrative inquiry and a criminal investigation in Hamburg.

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