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“This is a parent’s worse nightmare come true. And every parent just wants to know that their child is – if they are hurt, they’re surrounded by people that care. And they want to be able to say goodbye to their child and they should have that opportunity. So we were bound and determined that we were going to make that possible. And this was a truly loving family, and there were many of them. I actually met many of the family members, and then eventually, it got to the point where we did discuss the organ donation. The moment I looked at this girl’s resume, I knew that she would want to be an organ donor. And her family didn’t hesitate. They said yes right away and truly believed in helping others.”

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Roughly 27 million people are victims of human trafficking worldwide…with 100,000 of them in the United States.

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Women who took part in street protests that followed the contentious 2009 presidential election were treated brutally by security forces and later by interrogators. A female journalist who was jailed in the postelection crackdown noted that the number of men who ended up in jail may have been much higher, but that women often faced harsher conditions.

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Today, exactly 11 years have passed since I was with you. It was this very day that we began our lives together. We celebrated this beginning with a small ceremony. You were dressed simply, as always, not even wearing a tuxedo. You wore the jeans and shirt that we both liked. It was only when we were taking pictures and our friends and relations insisted that you also put a jacket on.

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