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A Special Offer for You!

Think of the energy it takes to produce the junk, then to mail the junk, then for the post office to sort the junk, and the mail carrier to deliver the junk and then for me to send it back, or throw it in the recycling bin! What a waste!

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365 days of junk mail

Soon thereafter, I began using Catalog Choice assiduously at home. I also refreshed my subscription to the Direct Mail Association’s Mail Preference Service. I wrote to ValPak to plead for a reprieve from their thick wads of coupon mailers (my own letter carrier gave me the address). I was about to start calling other direct mailers myself, demanding they take me off their lists. First, though, before putting more of my own time or money into de-spamming my snail mail, I conceived an experiment. I decided to stockpile every bit of advertising mail I received for 365 days. I wanted to see what Catalog Choice and DMA’s program would do to stem the tide.

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Reduce your junk mail…save water

Approximately 28 billion gallons of water are used to produce and recycle junk mail every year.

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