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Fight for Girls

Is a girl’s life less valuable than a boy’s?

I know this question sounds ridiculous of course girls deserve equal rights – but in developing countries around the world, millions of girls face life threatening disadvantages – malnutrition, lack of education, violence, and sexual abuse. All because they are born as girls.

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This Is What Women Want

What would most women want if they were fully informed and free to choose, and the goal was true equality between the sexes?

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How Long Can You Keep A Secret? For Kosovo’s Wartime Rape Victims, The Answer Is: Maybe Forever

As her grandchildren and a disabled son hid from the soldiers upstairs, Jeta and her three daughters were held captive in the basement, where they were beaten and brutally raped for hours.

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Why a Victim of Military Rape and Domestic Violence Is Speaking Out

More than 50 percent of men and women surveyed say they know a survivor of domestic violence, and one in three women reported being victims of domestic abuse; however, 67 percent of Americans have never discussed the issues with family or friends.

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