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Got stuff? Never throw anything away? Join JB, of DRAGA design, for a fun-filled, easy-going workshop where you can turn your piles of “stuff” into gifts and useful items you can use everyday. Learn to make: Dolls and other toys; Greeting cards; Notebooks; Shopping bags; Envelopes; Draft excluders; Beads; Eye pillows.

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While you’re at it, download the Self-Repair Manifesto from iFixit. Put your hands and money where your mouth is. “If you can’t fix it, you don’t own it.”

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It should be pointed out that there are a minority of people who compost practically everything, including items on this list. We’ve stuck to composting best practices, omitting things which obviously don’t belong in the garden (paint, motor oil, etc.). We’ve also skipped disputed or iffy items, such as dryer lint and highly acidic citrus fruit.

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Think of the energy it takes to produce the junk, then to mail the junk, then for the post office to sort the junk, and the mail carrier to deliver the junk and then for me to send it back, or throw it in the recycling bin! What a waste!

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