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Power sectors based on coal, gas and renewables have so far been shy to present their merits, because they do not want to appear as winners of the negative publicity for nuclear that has been caused by the Japanese disaster, observers say. The standard argument against renewables is their volatile production levels. BEE said an expansion could cure that problem, but could not happen as long as Germany is oversupplied with thermal capacity.

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Vast solar fields in the Sahara might become the biggest sustainable energy source the world has ever seen, powering whole continents.

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The choice is not, as liberals often maintain, between global warming apocalypse or mandating the widespread adoption of today’s solar, wind, and electric car technologies. Nor is the choice, as conservatives have argued, between an economy wrecked by liberal global warming policies or expanding drilling and nuclear power.

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Tweet As China takes the lead on wind turbines, above, and solar panels, President Obama is calling for American industry to step up. China vaulted past competitors in Denmark, Germany, Spain and the United States last year to become the …

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