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14 Ways to Save Water

Designed to be both practical and beautiful, Water Consciousness presents readers with a welter of information, alternately fascinating and alarming, about our water — where it comes from, where it goes, how we use — and waste — it, how much — and how little — there is, how we can conserve and protect it, and much more.

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Frans Lanting’s Story of Life

This is something we can never hear enough about. It will humble you and instill the reverence our planet Earth deserves each and every day, every moment we breathe is due to those who were here before us.

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Wars will be fought over water

“And it never failed that during the dry years the people forgot about the rich years, and during the wet years they lost all memory of the dry years. It was always that way.”

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National Feng Shui Awareness Day

The term feng shui literally translates as “wind-water” in English. This is a cultural shorthand taken from the following passage of the Zangshu (Book of Burial) by Guo Pu of the Jin Dynasty:

Qi rides the wind and scatters, but is retained when encountering water.

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