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Why are we not seeing people of color in the news around green building, greening the economy, green jobs, etc. I just watched a video about the first completely solar-powered aircraft hanger, and there wasn’t one non-white face in it.

I get newsletters about sustainability and the “green revolution” from all over the place in my in-box every day. I can count on one third of the fingers of one hand how many of them even mention people of color, let alone show people of color being interviewed, or being innovative. Van Jones has gone up to Washington, I saw an interview with him yesterday, conducted by the Washington Post. Even he seems to be backing away from his original “green for al” position.

It’s disappointing. It’s frustrating.

When will people of color become integrated into this country’s social fabric? When will adult black men be free of the fear of harassment just because they’re adult black men? Or black women free of being characterized as “angry” when they know what they want and want to say, and know how to ask for and say it? When they show themselves as powerful, self-assured and intelligent? When?

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