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I’ve been writing a gratitude journal on another blog for some time. I’ve decided to fold that one into this one, since keeping both up to date is a chore. Today I’m writing about our cats.

Our Amazon cat is very sick, and has been getting a lot of attention (and expensive vet care) from us lately. However, she’s hanging in there. I may have mentioned last year, almost to the month, that she was given a few weeks to live by a western vet. We took her to an alternative practitioner, and then to a holistic vet, and she’s been on the road to recovery since then.

Our cats in one of their daytime hang outs…a rare photo of them altogether. Boca on the left, Amazon in the top right, Kali at the bottom right.

Recently we had a downpour of rain and lots of damp weather, and Amazon took a turn for the worse again. She’s again on the road to recovery, but we’re making plans to have an emergency vet on call incase she really goes downhill and we have to make that terrible decision to let her go.

I am grateful for every day we have with her.

I was looking at all the cats very closely yesterday…looking at them move, or just lie there. They are so beautiful, and each of them has their own personality, they’re so different from each other.

Amazon, the eldest, the big sister. She is quiet unless she wants something, then there’s no doubt. It’s usually food, but sometimes she just wants caress units, or to get in a lap. Lately she wants more caress units. She is black.

Boca Grande, the big brother, lives up to his name, which means Big Mouth, in Spanish. He is the most vocal cat I have ever met, by far! He talks almost all the time when he’s awake, if only to say, I’m just going to curl up here for a little nap. Boca is the most reliable alarm clock too! At 6 a.m., noon and 18:00 he is there, waiting for his breakfast, lunch and dinner. Then at 21:00 he’s ready for his combing and snack before going off to bed for the night. He is a grey and white tabby cat with beautiful eye makeup and a raccoon tail.

Kali, the youngest, uses us as her bed and breakfast place. She is the most independent one. She spends most of the time outside, stalking, hiding in the foliage waiting for birds, hunting mice, or surveying her queendom. She roams all around the neighborhood, and one of our neighbors complained that she wakes him up late at night when she’s hunting in his backyard. Kali is a black calico cat, with hues of red and orange hidden in her fur.

We found all of the cats on the streets, orphaned. Amazon and Boca have ben with us nearly 15 years, and Kali for over 10. We love them all dearly and often have to laugh at their expressions, and their antics. Even though sometimes they are a pain in the butt, and we always have problems finding reliable cat sitters when we want to escape for awhile, we wouldn’t be without them for anything, and as they are getting older, and as Amazon is so ill, we are contemplating our lives in the future without them, which is sad, as you can expect.

I read in the news today that animal shelters are overflowing with animals that have been given up, or abandoned because of their owner’s not being able to care for them, either because of foreclosures, or expensive vet bills, etc. I can’t imagine giving our cats up. If it came to that we’d find homes for them, and be sure they had good homes to go to. IF it evern came to that, which, thank the goddess, I don’t think it will.

Well, that’s it for today. Blessed be.

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