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…sometimes scares the sweet bejezzus out of me! I often say to people that one day my had will fall off from shaking it back and forth in disbelief. This morning I read my current issue of Mother Jones magazine and wanted to share part of this article about packaging:

  • Nearly 10% of a typical product’s price is for packaging.
  • Even armed with scissors and a box cutter, it took Consumer Reports testers more than three minutes to cut open the Oral-B Sonic Complete Toothbrush Kit.
  • Last year, clamshell packaging sent more than 5,700 Americans to the ER.
  • Apple shipped its latest operating system in a box nearly 16 times larger than the DVD case within.
  • Americans annually buy enough plastic wrap to cover Texas.
  • Sales of single-serving snack packs grew by 28% in 2006. On average, these smaller packages cost 2.5 times more per ounce than regular packages.
  • There’s more bad news every day:

      Richmond, CA: Police arrest second teen in connection with gang rape on 15-year-old girl.
      Richmond, CA: ‘Possessive’ ex-fiance (male) sought in stabbing
      KABUL, Afghanistan: 8 U.S. Troops Are Killed in Bombings in Afghanistan
      New York, NY: Ex-A.I.G. Chief Is Back, Luring Talent From Rescued Firm
      Surkhakhi, Russian republic of Ingushetia: After Aushev Murder, ‘To Work In Human Rights In North Caucasus Is Suicidal’
      GENESEO, N.Y: Ex-frat members plead guilty in NY hazing death
      LOS ANGELES, CA: LAPD chief: Cops shouldn’t tag immigrants

    Violence and corruption do as much damage to our lives, our communities, our planet, as waste, over-consumption, greed and using up non-renewable, or slowly renewable resources. Violence to women and animals is particularly heinous and damaging to our community. Women and girls are our “secret” weapon I believe will save the world…but who among the “powerful” is paying attention?

    I’ve stopped listening to the news radio in the mornings because it’s so depressing most of the time. I rarely watch the news on TV, most of it is, if not inane, stupid and not very informative. I read the news online every morning, subscribe to news headlines in my e-mail, and listen to BBC news podcasts most days. But sometimes it’s just too much to take in. Know what I mean?

    Anyway, this morning I’m grateful for another day with Amazon. She’s hanging in there. The weather’s getting cooler now, and that seems to be easier on her lungs. She slept like a baby with me last night, ad ate more than usual for breakfast.

    This weekend I’ll work more in our garden to get ready for the really cold weather and make it safe for our cats, and our other animal friends, mainly birds, mice, raccoons, salamanders, frogs and many bugs. Time to get out the bird feeder, weatherproof and cat-proof and squirrel-proof it!

    I’m grateful that my partner and I are aware of our impact in what we buy, how we travel, how we eat, etc. It does make a difference, albeit a small one, in the whole scheme of things.

    Be warm, be dry, be blessed!

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