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I’ve been both lazy and super-busy the past two weeks, so I’ve been negligent in my postings. It takes a lot of time to work in the computer…reading e-mail, the daily news, responding to e-mail and blog posts, updating my own blog; my web site. my social networking site…it’s a lot of work, and sometimes at the end of the day there’s seemingly little to show for all that time and effort.

Jewel plant in flower [photo—JB]

So, I’m belatedly updating my blog today. I’m getting new users joining almost every day…why? I can’t tell you. I don’t advertise this blog anywhere other than on my web site, so these people must be surfing and finding me that way, or using spiders to hopefully get me to spend some money with them.

I spent a large amount of time taking two laptops apart last week and installing new parts: one was a replacement LCD monitor and inverter cable, et. al., the other was a new DVD drive and touch pad. I’m thinking that I need to get a new battery for my iPod, so I’ll probably be taking that apart soon.

I went to a great workshop offered by the Facing History and Ourselves folks, located here in the Bay Area, although this is a national organization. The workshop was constructed around a film called Banished (Marco Williams), and explored three banishments of the entire black population from three different communities in the early 1900’s. I’d known that these mass expulsions had happened, though I only knew of one, and didn’t really know that much about that one.

Facing History develops workshops and materials for educators in order that they can teach and promote dialogue about some of the difficult elements of our modern lives—racism, prejudice and anti-Semitism—in order to create a more humane and informed community. They start with children in elementary schools and continue on past the educational system into the community at large. I think I was the only non-educator there.

However, the workshop was very meaningful for me. It was inspiring to see such passionate educators, and to see the though and care that went into producing the workshop. There were interesting discussion segments and I learned new ways of thinking about a given situation. There were some high school students there as well, and I got to dialogue with one of them.

I believe that the only way we have any chance of overcoming the “evils” of our society; the “them” versus “us” evils; is that we talk with one another. We may not get to the point of agreement, we may not even like one another at the end, but at least we will have taken the opportunity to talk with, listen and hear each other. Facing History provides a great start for that process.

Kali catching some rays [photo—JB]

It’s the middle of November and the sun is shining and the weather is warm and inviting. We’ve had some rain, but I suppose that will begin more in earnest next month. I still have plenty of opportunities to catch up with my gardening chores!

Amazon is doing fairly well! Yeah! I started giving all the cats something called Mush, which is a blend of mushrooms from Fungi Perfecti, and which supports and strengthens their immune system. All the cats seem to enjoy it and they’ve perked up (it may be my imagination) since I’ve been using it in their food. Yum!

I went to the Green Festival this weekend and took some friends, one of whom hadn’t been before. Her eyes were wide! She really enjoyed it, but after an hour we were overwhelmed with all the people there! So many, many people! At times it was like pushing through jello! But, I didn’t see many people that I knew, so that means there are more people getting interested in being sustainable. Now, it’s got to become as mainstream as Safeway so that Joe Blow will know about it and think it’s OK. And cheap enough that foods grown with pesticides are more expensive than organic foods. I’ve often said that our organic food bill is at least four times the non-organic Safeway bill of our neighbors. Something’s wrong with that picture.

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