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How to Celebrate Old Stuff Day
from eHow

The month of March is plagued with odd and bizarre holidays. Whether it is an excuse to act your age or an excuse to not act your age, here is yet another day to celebrate. Old Stuff Day is celebrated on March 2 and is celebrated in the opposite way as the day implies. Here are some steps to help you figure this one out.

Difficulty: Easy

Step 1 Ask someone what they are up to. Wait for the response. Wait to hear those few little words arranged as similar as they are: “nothing new, same old stuff.” Once you have reaffirmed that the day is still March 2 and it is indeed Old Stuff Day, move on to Step 2.

Have some fun! (From

Step 2 Ask the person if there is anything that they can do to change their response. People answer dialog in the same predictable manner. Dig a little deeper into a person’s response and find out why their life is so boring. Take interest in someone besides yourself and find out how they can change from the same old boring stuff to something new.

Step 3 Challenge, someone, to follow their dreams and not make this the same old thing day. Help a “same old stuff person” expand their vocabulary and have something else to respond with to the question, “What’s up?” Go along on his adventure and then move on to the last step in celebrating Old Stuff Day.

Step 4 Do something new. Do not do the same old stuff on the Same Old Stuff March 2. Go to work with different colored socks. Wear jeans when it isn’t dressed down Friday. Take a friend to lunch and pay. Sky jump. Do the dishes for your wife. Wash your [partner’s] car. Enjoy the day by not doing the same old stuff.

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