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Remember the ladies: Mary Pickford


born Gladys Marie Smith in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 1893

    Try this on for size: a beautiful little girl changes her name and makes money for her poor family by touring in vaudeville. At thirteen she decides to make her Broadway debut or become a seamstress. she gets an interview with a famous producer who puts her in a Broadway show. At sixteen she is discovered by Biograph Studios’ D.W. Griffith and turned into a film star. Within a few years she is making $10,000 a week. She meets and marries a film prince, Douglas Fairbanks, moves into a palace called Pickfair, and founds United Artists with Fairbanks and Charlie Chaplin.” ~ excerpted from Remember the Ladies, Kirstin Olsen. The Main Street Press. 1988

    She was called “America’s Sweetheart”, but really she was the “World’s Sweetheart”, since she was a bigger world box office draw than any of her silent film star contemporaries. Mary Pickford delighted the hearts of millions of filmgoers from 1909 to 1933. With her beautiful blonde curls, her sweet face, and her childlike air of innocence on screen, she was the most beloved and famous female movie star of the silent era. Crowds mobbed her wherever she went, in America or overseas. Mary was an incredible actress; from the distance of eight decades her beautiful performances do not pale, but in fact grow all the more bittersweet, especially considering the typical shallow movie fare Hollywood puts out today in comparison.~Golden Silents

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