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Remember the ladies: Juana La Loca


Joanna the Mad (Spanish: Juana I; 6 November 1479 – 12 April 1555) was Queen of Castile and Queen of Aragon Joanna was the last monarch of the House of Trastámara and her marriage to Philip the Handsome initiated the Habsburg Dynasty in Spain. ~ Wikipedia

A nervous, melancholic, and aloof Juana was married off to the handsome Philip, of Austria. When they first met on October 20, 1496, they grabbed the first priest they saw and demanded to be married on the spot. Then they found a quiet room and made love. The next day, their official marriage was celebrated.

Unfortunately, desire was the only thing they had in common. Juana was shy and intense; Philip was active, extroverted and irresponsible. he quickly grew bored with her, and only returned to Juana often enough to make her pregnant six times.

Whether or not Juana was insane, and to what degree, has puzzled historians for centuries. There is no question that she and Philip had a bizarre, obsessive relationship that was insane in itself.

When her mother died, Juana inherited the crown of Spain, and instantly became the center of a power struggle between her father Ferdinand and her husband, Philip, each of whom used her to try to gain control of Spain. Before either could win, Philip died, leaving Juana inconsolable. She grew obsessed with his body,, keeping it with her whenever she could, frequently opening the lid of the coffin to look at him.

She sent for her father and made him king of Spain, although she remained queen. Ferdinand had her imprisoned in the castle of Tordesilla, telling everyone she was insane, and she remained there until her death forty-six years later. ~Remember the Ladies, Kirstin Olsen. The Main Street Press. 1988

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