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The world’s first organic dairy rap video


I have to get my waxed jacket out again! I love the owl! Good on ‘ya, mate!

The hardworking yeomen and yeowomen at Yeo Valley Organic milk this genre to the last drop, from popping wheelies in tractors bedecked with shiny cow bling to their displays of perfectly timed lyrical and visual prowess: “Yeah, we’re down with the soil association and we do lots of what? Conservation!”

Why rap about how awesome organic practices are? “If you’re going to talk about yourself and you’re going to talk about how great you are, rapping is pretty much the only art form that allows you to have that bravado,” said Julien Lutz (aka “Little X”), the legit rap music video director from Canada, in a behind-the-music video. Fun fact: It was his first time working with farmers.

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