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How to Write a Wicked Good Social Bio


by Michelle Corteggiano

Social bios are big news these days! In fact, consistently, the second most visited page on my blog is my “About me” page.

The bottom line is this; people love to “peek behind the curtain” without you knowing so they can get to know who you are. A good bio is key to attracting the right kind of people to you and your brand. So how do you do it? How do you conquer the big bad blank white page and turn it into something so intriguing that people are knocking down your door to get to know you?

8 Easy Steps:

  1. Jot down your interests, hobbies, activities, philosophies you live by, favorite quotes, quirky personality traits, accomplishments, awards etc. on a notepad.
  2. From those choose 3 – 4 of your most attractive personal traits. Choose the ones that other people often use to describe you.
  3. Choose 3-4 business traits that you feel best describe your professional persona.
  4. At this point, begin writing and don’t let the paper scare you. Remember who knows you better than you? Start the draft by conversing about yourself as you would to someone sitting across the coffee table from you. By doing this, your bio will flow very smoothly and the person reading it will feel like you are talking specifically to them.Let your personality shine through and don’t be scared to add some humor. Be fun, be remarkable, be social and most of all “Be As You Are”!
    Side note: I chose to make a very distinct separation between personal and business in my bio. I was finding it difficult to merge the two without it sounding weird and this did the trick.
  5. Now that your rough draft is done it’s time to go back and “fluff” it. What I mean by this is… Take a run through the professional areas and check for keywords. Keywords are words that people may type into a search looking for what you have to offer. Use keywords related to your industry often but, make sure they flow smoothly and don’t look like they were thrown in there just to be there.
  6. Now, ask a couple of friends to proof read it to you and give you feedback. What you want to accomplish here is twofold. First, you want them to feel like they hear your voice when they are reading it and second, there is a good chance that they will offer suggestions on something you should add. That 3rd party perspective will help you put the icing on the cake to make it the best bio you could have.
  7. Spell check!
  8. Copy and paste to all of your social sites – use the same bio for all sites except Twitter.

Now, your bio doesn’t have to be too long but, it does need to be long enough to get the point across. When they are done reading it, they need to feel like they have a really good idea of who you are.

But wait…what about the short 160-character bio you’re allowed on Twitter?

Here’s a great formula: 3 personal things, 3 business things and possibly a quote. Sounds way too hard to get into 160 characters right? Check this out:

“Speaker, Author, Social Media Strategist – Mobile & Social Media Marketing Online Branding – Boats Sunsets Beaches Maui Flip Flops and Travel are my Passions!!”

Presto! Mission accomplished in 160 or less and it’s chucked full of keywords that I would want people to find me for…BRAVO!!

Always remember…your bio is a continual work in progress, you will be adding and tweaking as you grow and evolve.

Feel free to check out my bio!
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