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Google’s browser a shot across Microsoft’s bow

New areas, for example, like netbooks, low-end portable PCs that are increasingly popular with cash-strapped consumers. In a blog post Wednesday, Google executives Sundar Pichai and Linus Upson wrote that the company would first offer the new operating system to consumers on netbooks in the second half of 2010. If all goes well, the new operating system will eventually power full-size desktops.
Microsoft did not respond to a request for a comment about Google’s announcement, but it is keenly aware of both the technology and business challenge it faces as more and more people treat their browsers as the single most important application on their computer. “When is a browser not a browser?” an employee of Microsoft Research wrote in a blog post at the end of last month, describing a new Microsoft Web browser called Gazelle scheduled to be announced in August that is actually an operating system itself. Google beat Microsoft to the punch. Continue reading


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